The Importance of Automation

The Importance of Automation

Cause and effect analysis helps you to think through the causes of a problem thoroughly, including its possible root causes. It is only by identifying the main causes that you can permanently remove the problem, or reduce the impact.

Once your processes are correct then #Automation will follow which in-turn saves you time and money.

I have seen and implemented so many automated systems, from mechanical production right through to best practice work flows, that it’s hard to champion one approach. But what I would say is it is well worth taking the time to review your systems and processes.

Ask yourself:

1. Is my system truly automated or are people in my organisation having to bridge gaps and therefore wasting time?

2. Is the process really delivering what it should?

3. Does the system fit into my business or are we having to accommodate it? Which can result in wasting time or even non-compliance.

If you’re not sure how to answer any of these questions then give me a call and I would gladly talk to you about how you can turn things round.

Whether it is day to day email processing or more complex tasks such as #QA process management automation is about saving YOU and your business time.

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